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Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water body lake that is a key source of fish and an increasingly one stop tourism destination. The tourism boards in the East African countries (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) that share the lake have individually embarked on aggressive marketing of Lake Victoria as an alternative tourist destination.

In recent years, tourism activities in Lake Victoria have increased due to the improvement of infrastructure around the lake basins. Good roads, mostly from the Kenyan side and an increased investment in hospitality industry have seen the number of tourists visiting Lake Victoria region shoot upwards. The number of world class resorts being set up in the Lake region has made the Lake transform from a traditional fishing point where most of the Islands surrounding the Lake are now dotted with private resorts, game lodges and beautiful hotels that offer tourists an atmosphere to die for!


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The Lake Victoria region is now one of the most popular destinations in East Africa due to its untapped island fossils sites and the general quiet and private atmosphere that offers peace and tranquility. The number of picnic sites that are coming up such as the Bridge Island and Rusinga fossil sites (In the Kenyan part of the Lake) where the oldest skull was found by renowned archaeologist Dr Leakey and indeed the beautiful Lake itself, which is a great game fishing point. Lake Victoria as of now has more than 170 tourists sites and a quite a substantial number of heritage sites that outnumber other tourism circuits thanks to the 50 world class resorts set up along the Lake and the many Islands surrounding Lake Victoria.  

There are many beautiful Lake's in the world, in Europe Italy has Lake Garda and America has Lake Tahoe but nowhere in the world is there a Lake that offers such diversity. With such an extensive range of wildlife why not visit for a safari in Uganda one of only two countries you can see the majestic Mountain Gorilla?

Parks such as: Musoma, Tanzania: Lies on the east shores of Lake Victoria and is located near the Kenyan Boarder. Tourists will enjoy the cultural and vibrant life of the local people. The views of the lake feature many varieties of boats, from large ferries and transport barges to ngalawa fishing boats and dugout canoes. Bukoba, Tanzania: Lies on the Western show of Lake Victoria and has all year round sunny and warm climate. Has friendly people and a rich cultural history that will leave you with enough knowledge about Tanzania and indeed the whole East African Region communities.  

Lake Victoria has a great wetland surface that offers birdwatchers and lovers a wonderful expedition where they can watch the island fish eagles running a spectacular scene diving way from above the sky into the water to catch their prey. There are a number of birds that come to nest here and rear their young before they embark on the long Journey across the Indian Ocean. Bird watchers will be thrilled by the many bird species found on the Lake Basin. Different hotels, lodges and resorts organize game drives for their clients. Alternatively, tourists can liaise with local tourist companies and hire a guide to take them around the Lake Victoria region and benefit from seeing some of the wildlife in the area and how they co-exist with human life.

Travel to Uganda's many Safari parks including Queen Elizabeth Safari, Bwindi Impenetrable safari, Mgahinga Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Rwenzori Mountains Kidepo Valley, and Lake Mburo.Also visit the Ssese Islands and Entebbe on Lake Victoria.


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