A Safari In Damaraland

Damaraland stretches inland alongside the Skeleton Coast and provides endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys, and soaring peaks.

Damaraland and the Kaokoveld are often regarded as one of the most scenicly beautiful locations in Namibia. The glistening prehistoric water courses run through the wide open plains and grasslands. Punctuating these plains are huge granite koppies and distant looming mountains which together create the dramatic landscape that is Damaraland. As part of a luxury safari in Namibia you are likely to see many species that have adapted well to the usually harsh terrain. Game species include desert elephant, black rhino, ostrich and springbok.

Damaraland is the heart of Namibia’s mountainous region where you’ll find the desert-adapted wildlife, the million year old petrified forests to explore with 250 million year old fossils, the Herero and ancient San engravings at Twyfelfontein that are well worth a visit.

Twyfelfontein is also home to a small spring that has provided animals with water for thousands of years. Here you can expect to see black rhino, desert elephant, gemsbok, lion, springbok, desert dwelling giraffe, and mountain zebra. There is also the prehistoric Welwitschia, which is the oldest tree in existence, wonderful nature walks to enjoy and visits to the famous San engravings at Twyfelfontein. For those with quite a bit of energy to expend there is the option of climbing the Brandberg and Spitzkoppe mountains.

The San together with the Damara people are believed to be the original Namibian. After having supported the German colonial forces at Waterberg the Damara tribe were rewarded for their assistance and loyalty with a large territory which they designated their ‘homeland’, this is now the province of Damaraland. Damaraland runs adjacent to the Skeleton Coast and is mainly now used as farmland, however in the past the the Damara people were traditionally copper traders, smelters, stock farmers, tobacco growers and miners.

Safaris in Namibia’s Damaraland are varied in terms of safari activities you might like to enjoy a game drive, or a morning walking and you may have the option of setting out on mountain bikes in some areas. Damaraland’s landscape is ever changing, and therefore supports diverse animal and birdlife in different regions. This really is a wonderful desert environment which, although is comparatively harsh compared to other African safari destinations and so does not support large concentrations of wildlife, it does provide colourful and rewarding safaris in an ancient and natural unfenced environment.

A few days of safari in Damaraland ties in well with the Skeleton Coast. Namibia’s stretching windswept beaches are littered with ghostly shipwrecks and its mountains with San Bushmen art, both of which are an interesting visit along side fabulous game viewing of desert adapted wildlife. It is in Damaraland, more than anywhere else, that the multi-disciplined nature of your guides comes into play, and there is so much to learn about a wide range of subjects.

The Skeleton Coast’s desert coastline has beaten many seafarers with its rough seas and dense fog and surviving a shipwreck here only offers an immensely hot and dry desert as salvation.

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