Safaris In Uganda

With amazing rich nature and wildlife, the country of Uganda is becoming a hot tourist destination. The country, in East Africa, is located on a plateau, as well as within the Nile basin. A significant portion of it touches Lake Victoria in the south. Due to its location it has many different habitats from mountains to marshes to deserts. Tourists will find themselves comfortable in Uganda, as English became the official language in 1962, when the country gained its independence.

Uganda boasts an incredible array of wildlife, especially its gorilla population. Many companies organize safaris and tours throughout Uganda, which are simply not to be missed. Taking a wildlife safari through Uganda can show visitors animals that they only see in zoos in their natural habitats. Lions, elephants, giraffes and dozens of different primates call Uganda their home. The country is also considered one of the world’s best destinations for bird watchers, with over 1,000 species of birds residing in Uganda alone.

Uganda is not only one of the best places to view wildlife, but one of the best places to view nature itself. Tourists can safari across the vast savannah typically associated with East Africa, but lush tropical rainforests. There are the snow-peaked mountains of Africa’s tallest mountain range. Along with Lake Victoria there are dozens of lakes and rivers, and beautiful and famous waterfalls. Queen Elizabeth National Park provides a more traditional safari location, but is unmatched in its beauty.

Pack up your bags and your family, because a safari in Uganda is a once in a lifetime experience that you simply cannot miss, and is best shared with others. Safaris offer the excitement, beauty and exhilaration that people spend their lives dreaming about. Ugandan safaris are a world away from vacations to museums and monuments that children so often complain about. Ugandan safari companies can even plan your entire trip for you, coordinating and tailoring safaris to best suit the needs of you and your family.

There are so many things to see in Uganda that visitors must decide ahead of time what they’d like to do. Even fish and bird lovers will find that there are fishing tours and bird watching trips. Daredevils will find that mountaineering is available, as well. In addition to the specifics, there are gorilla safaris that wind through rainforests and mountains of Uganda. Nature lovers, animal lovers and photography enthusiasts may find that they enjoy the safaris through national parks and conservation areas the most enjoyable.

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