Bugala Island

Bugala Island Beach

Bugala Island is the largest of the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria, with an area of 67,000 acres. This Island is the best developed for tourism and is easy to travel to by ferry.

Kalangala is the chief town of the Ssese Islands, which is located on its eastern end. Near the ferry port is Lutoboka Bay, which forms one large beach and contains many of the Islands resorts. From here you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach and be short walk away from a bar for a drink in one of the beach front hotels.Bugala Island View

On the western end of Bugala Island lays a small village, Luku, not far from Mutumbula swimming beach. It is possible travel to Luku through a dirt road and the other villages on the south of the Island are accessible via several minor roads. From Kalangala you can’t hire a bike and travel to each of the villages. The Island is hilly so it will also offer some spectacular scenery on your travels.

Bugala Island is also teeming with wildlife and contains many birds that can be seen or heard. Monkeys are also common and if you travel to the south of the island, there is a swamp that contains hippos.

There are two ferries that travel back and forth from and to Bugala Island. The first one runs from Nakiwogo Dock (south of Entebbe) to the ferry dock at Kalangala. The second travels from Bukakata (near Masaka) and lands in Luku. There are less options for accommodation if you take the ferry to Luku so it would be recommended to take the ferry to Kalangala.

For accommodation one of the places you can stay is Hornbill camp, located east of the dock. From here you have the option to hire a kayak or motorboat. You can enjoy a peaceful and cheap stay here and while you relax you will be able to listen to the birds and watch the monkeys as they run around.

There are many other relaxing resorts in Bugala which include Pearl Gardens Beach Resort, Bovad Sands Lodge, Panorama Cottages and Ssese Habitat Resort.

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