Bulago Island

Bugalo Island

Bulago Island is set on a location covering over 500 acres. Measured from one tip to the other the island is approximately two miles long. The island has a totally of 6km sandy beaches and the shoreline is 10km in length.

The shoreline balances consists of low cliffs and rocky outcrops. The soil around the shore is rich in minerals and there are places covered with trees. On the north-eastern tip of the island there is a piece of land covered by a rain-forest.

On the other hand, the island’s interior is covered by soil that is less fertile and the land is covered by savanna grassland.

There are intentions from the Ugandan government that Zebra and Antelope be brought to Bulago for them to exploit the Savannah like environment in the island’s interior. If you love sailing, then you will have fun sailing on the lake.

A small sailboat or a windsurfer is recommended for people who own the windsurfers or sail boats, as they can be easily launched from The Lodge set up in the island can avail Water-skiing and tubing.Bugalo Island

Bulago Island offers one of the great pleasures of sheer range and diversity of walks. The island has two overlooking hills on the island offering viewers staggering views.

The island’s size allows visitors to either take short quick strolls or enjoy long treks if they so wish to. Bulago Island is home to a vast majority of bird species that will amaze both bird watchers and non-bird watchers.

Bulago Island hotel


Pineapple Bay.  Where you can lounge on a Lamu bed, looking out to the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria.

One of the great pleasures of Bulago is the sheer range and diversity of walks available and with two dominating hills on the island, the views can be magnificent.

The size of the island means that walks can range from quick strolls through to long hikes. Bird watching is another great past-time on Bulago and the range of birds is dazzling – even to non bird watchers.

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