Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is commonly referred to as Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was founded on October of 1998 to care for orphaned Chimpanzees rescued by Ugandan Wildlife Authority from poachers and traders out to make money from their spoils.

The Island covers an approximate 40 hectares (100 acres) of rain forests 23kms from Entebbe near the Equator in Lake Victoria in Uganda.

The Island is home to a diverse wildlife Ngamba Islandconsist of over 120 bird species, crocodile, hippos and monitor lizards. The Island provides sufficient foods in varieties for the chimpanzees. The Island was designed as an eco-friendly project that consists of compost toilets, rainwater collection. The Island has been set up with proper waste management practices and a solar system set up providing electricity and hot water.

When a new and young chimp is brought to the island, it is separated from the adults. The new chimps are protected from a rowdy group of older chimpanzees that is rough to strangers.

As is per the norm, new arrivals are kept in a large cage where they are visited by a few adult chimpanzees come in to form friendship with the new chimp.

Travelers to Ngamba Island are privileged enough to watch and see the great apes in their natural habitat on Ngamba Island where they are cared for. To guarantee their safety, the chimpanzees are kept in a secluded area of the island where they roam freely in the forest.

A fence keeps the great apes in the secluded area; they are however fed two times each day from the viewing platforms.

Visitors wanting to visit during the day or spend a night and have the chance to walk with the chimps in the forests can request for an arrangement to be made.

Visitors can also experience walking and playing with the mischievous chimps

Travelers are required to be immunized properly to be able to walk with the chimps. For immunization, check with World Primate Safaris before booking. Smart self-contained tents overlooking Lake Victoria offer Accommodation on the Island.   

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