National Parks Uganda

National Parks

National Parks Uganda


Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa. It is a country that has a total of ten national parks that are some of the best Parks in East Africa.

For a national park that has the highest rankings in its biodiversity of any natural national park in the world is the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The environment is contrasting in a blending manner, where you will find an open savanna to tropical forest, from dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the massiveness of Lake Edward.

This diversity is perfectly placed to benefit individually to all the living things in this park, from the plants to the animals and the birds.

For bird watching lovers, they do enjoy the quantity of selection of different bird species in this park. Amazingly 606 bird species makes it an ideal safari destination for bird watchers fanatics where the viewing is limitless.

The number of mammal species that are found here is nearly 100 in total. Giant mammals like the elephant and the hippos (which are many here) are the most popular in this park, but then again there is also the handsome Uganda Kob and the indefinable giant forest hog that are often seen around the visitors’ village on the Mweya Peninsula that is based on the spectacular seaside behind the Rwenzori Mountains.

Other notable destinations are like the Kyambura Gorge that is home to the friendly chimpanzees, the Maramagambo Forest that hosts interesting variety of primates and birds whereby flamingos reside on the crater lakes and finally the Ishasha, eminent for its tree-climbing lions.

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