kidepo Valley


Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley

Lying in the asperous, semi-arid valleys of Karamoja province on the northern border withthe Sudan, Kidepo Valley is Uganda’s most isolated national park.

Few visitors embark on such a journey  but the spectacular beauty of this immaculate wilderness astounds all that make it.

For the visiting bird watcher, Kidepo Valley National Park boasts a bird list of over 470 species, a total second only to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Among the host of dry, eastern species not found in any other park in Uganda are some of East Africa’s  most sought after birds such as Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis.

This park is located in the north eastern zone of Uganda. Ugandan Wildlife authority is responsible for managing this park.

I was staying in Moroto when my tour guide took me for a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park. Moroto is approximately 220 km away from the park so it was a pretty long ride, yet the excitement of beholding this world renowned national park was what kept me going on. T

his park as the name itself suggests lies in a valley that borders both Sudan and Kenya. Since, it is pretty remote, therefore very few people take the trouble of going all the way to see it.

I was among those few tourists who undertook this arduous journey, however the mesmerizing beauty of the park’s pristine wilderness was worth the effort.

We were offered very comfortable bandas within the confines of the park by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. Comfortable beds, clean showers and mosquito netting is made available to the guests. Even though we were asked to bring our own food, however if necessary the staff was also willing to make food arrangements.

On one hand, we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the wildlife authority of Uganda, and on the other hand the wild life and the multitude of bird species found there was a perfect treat for us.

We were informed by the tour guides that almost 475 species of birds could be found there in this national park of Uganda. Moreover, its wild life is also pretty diverse.

A total of 80 mammals is present there including 28 unique species which can only be found in Kidepo valley national park. Also, its reptile fauna is pretty diverse and rich as well.

So for someone who is interested in wild life and witnessing nature in its full glory, Kidepo valley national park in Uganda is the best place to be.

The park harbours a greater diversity of animal species than other parks in Uganda. Of the 80 species of mammals listed  28 are not known to occur in any other park.

Carnivore species unique to Kidepo and Karamoja region include the bat-eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal and hunting dog.

Less common ungulates include the greater and lesser kudu, Chandlers mountain reedbuck, klipspringer.

Among other large ungulates are bush elephant, Burchell’s zebra, bush pig, warthog, Rothschild giraffe, bushbuck, bush duiker, defassa waterbuck, bohor reedbuck, Jackson’s hartebeest and oribi.

Carnivores present include lion, leopards, spotted hyena, black-backed jackals and side-striped jackal.

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