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Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa. It is a country that has a total of ten national parks that are some of the best most diverse national parks in East Africa.

For a national park that has the highest rankings in its biodiversity of any natural national park in the world it is Queen Elizabeth National Park, 763 square miles in size found between Mbarara and Kasese.

The environment is contrasting in a blending manner, where you will find open savanna to tropical forest, from dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the awe inspiring Lake Edward.

This diversity is perfectly placed to benefit individually all forms of life in this park, from the plants to the mammals and the stunningly beautiful tropical birds.

For bird watching lovers, you will undoubtedly enjoy the amazing variety of different bird species in this park. Amazingly 606 bird species make it an ideal safari destination for bird watchers, be it your first time or seasoned professionals you will leave Uganda wanting more.

The number of mammal species that are found here is nearly 100 in total making the parks in Uganda ideal for traditional savanna safaris.

visitors can enjoy forest hikes, mountain climbing safaris and indulge in Wildlife research activities and boat tours on the 40 kilometer long Kazinga Channel which links lake Edward with Lake George

Uganda is also home to endangered African elephant with numbers estimated to be as low as 5000 compared to 30.000 in the 1960’s. The UWA ( Ugandan wildlife authority ) claim that this number is finally rising thanks to the conservation efforts paying off.

In Uganda you will also find the hippopotamus which is the third largest land mammal, the handsome Ugandan Kob, the giant forest hog that are often seen around the visitors’ village on the Mweya Peninsula that is based on the spectacular  Rwenzori Mountains and the rare African wild dog which plays an important role in eliminating sick and weak animals, helping maintain a natural balance in the park.

African wild dog

African geographic magazine

Other notable destinations include the Kyambura Gorge that is home to the friendly chimpanzees, the Maramagambo Forest that hosts interesting variety of primates and birds whereby flamingos reside on the crater lakes and finally the Ishasha national park  for the shy and elusive leopard and tree-climbing lions.

More information about each individual national park is available from the drop down menu under ” national parks ” on the main top menu on every page of this website. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or advice you need before embarking on your Uganda Safari tour.

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