Ssese Islands

Ssesse Islands

The Ssese Islands archipelago is made up of 84 islands that retain their natural spectacular nature. Locals and tourists are able to access the islands by charting a motorized boat from either the cities of Kampala or Entebbe. Upon arriving at the Ssese islands, you will be able to soak in the magnificent green forests, white sandy beaches and drink from the crystal clear waters.

The Ssese Islands habitants are quite friendly and go to the lengths of seeing all visitors are as comfortable as you would be at home.

Bird watchers and lovers will be happy to note that the islands are home to plenty of colourful birds and beautiful butterfly species. Boat fishing is the main activity here and you will have jolly good time fishing.Ssesse Islands

Ssese Islands can be found inside the famous Lake Victoria and is set on a serene location offering visitors fantastic opportunities to relax.

The fresh and peaceful atmosphere at the cool islands offers you a tranquil environment where you will unwind and forget any trouble in life and have time to rejuvenate.

Ssese is a conglomerate of 84 forested Islands that go further to form Kalangala District. Ssese Islands has beautiful and luscious sceneries that are perfect for all who want to relax and unwind in white sands in numerous ways.

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