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The word “tour” can conjure up images of inebriated sports-fans or busloads of the blue rinse brigade complete with walking frames all being shepherded by a stern, clip-board wielding, dictator. However to dispel these ghastly images, let me introduce you to very rare Africa Tours – which we like to call our Pink Diamond Safaris.

Africa is of course well known for its prodigious diamond production. What is not necessarily as well known is that Australia is a source of the rare and infinitely more valuable pink diamonds. Destinations Africa Pink Diamond Safaris would constitute similarly unique Africa tours

As you tour Africa, your itinerary can even include a diamond workshop visit – watch rough diamonds as they are transformed into creations of fire and light by a team of skilled craftsmen or watch your own jewellery design being created before your very eyes.

So when juxtaposed with a location like Africa Tours take on a whole different image!

But of course you can tour Africa without focusing on something other than diamonds and normally the raison d’etre to tour Africa is to get up close and personal with the wildlife. Indeed 3D wildlife viewing can quickly become a passion and one becomes addicted to safari life. But don’t despair as this passion can be combined with more traditional passions such as golf (though I must admit that is one passion I will never come to appreciate!) or even adventure sports such as white-water rafting. Africa tours are ideal for couples or families with diverging interests thus the golfing widow or widower can be fully occupied and entertained while the partner pursues that little white ball across the African savannahs. Perhaps you could follow in the footsteps of Ernie Els, Retief Goosen or Gary Player as you try to improve your handicap on international standard courses in locations as diverse as the African bush, on the shores of the warm Indian Ocean or in the beautiful setting of Cape Town.

Then again you could always tour Africa through a combination of guided and self-drive components. Cape Town and the picturesque garden route really lend themselves to a lazy meander with plenty to see and do, good roads, very polite drivers (at least by Australian standards!) Another place that lends itself to self-drive (though the distances are vast and can compare well with the Nullabor!) is Namibia but it is essential that you arrange your trip through reputable agents (such as the Destinations Africa associates) to ensure that your vehicle is a reliable 4WD that will not leave you stranded in some remote spot – like that Japanese couple we passed peering sheepishly out of the window of their entrenched Toyota Camry as the Sossusvlei sand drifted to wedge it further in! Of course they should have paid attention to the warning sign at the end of the tarred road stating that only 4WD vehicles should go beyond that point!

So if you would like to tour Africa or even participate in more organised Africa Tours, the first thing you should do is have a look at the Destinations Africa website or give us a call on 02 4984 9747

Destinations Africa is a family-run business that provides affordable Africa tours to various safari destinations that include Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The company provides customers the best wilderness experience and a unique outlook on the African way of life.

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