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Share your knowledge of Uganda and lake Victoria. Here you can suggest places to visit that many travelers may not know about or add some interesting facts about wildlife or land marks. All contribution is highly appreciated.

Lake Victoria, also known as Victoria Nyanza, is an integral part of the great lakes of Africa. It is also known as the second largest fresh water lake in the world. Even today, Lake Victoria evokes certain thoughts in the minds of the travelers and entices them to explore and discover the vast body of water for the first time.

As you approach this beautiful destination, you would be greeted by the white sandy beaches and your eyes would roam beyond the beauty of these beaches, and then you would notice thick green forests that cover a large part of this island. It is the source of fresh water for the river Nile. Moreover, the tourists should know that 5 percent of the lake belongs to Kenya, whereas, the rest belongs to Uganda and Tanzania.

The Wildlife of Lake Victoria:

The settlements around the Lake Victoria, Uganda, are mostly agricultural, cattle herders, or inhabited by the farmers. On the other hand, the birdlife surrounding Lake Victoria is an incredible sight for the tourists. The Lake offers some of the most breathtaking wildlife terrains in the world. Myriads of birds are seen around the regions of the lake, which include rare species of weavers, waders, and nectar eaters that cannot be found or seen anywhere else in the country. Some of the endangered bee-eaters, warblers, sunbirds, seedeaters, and swamp flycatchers have also been spotted in this area.

Therefore, if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot one of these species too. There are several lodges in the area that offer  day trips or fishing expeditions to the Lake Victoria as there is quite a vast range of wildlife to view on the forested island, which includes, elephants, giraffes, and chimpanzees. Other than that, there are around, or maybe over, 400 species of birds that would appear to the bird watchers. The wildlife is the main emphasis of the island, and thus, most of the tourists reserve special trips to view the chimpanzees roaming free on the island and playing on the tangled vines. In addition to that, fish eagles and roan antelopes are also seen in this area.

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  1. David

    Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

    For me, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park was the park of the skies. It seemed to be sitting in the clouds, rather it actually is in the clouds, since its altitude ranges from 2,227m to 4,127m. This national park was created with a particular purpose behind it and that is the protection and conservation of gorillas which inhabit this park.

    The very prospect of gorillas is both frightening and threatening at the same time, yet I was intrigued by it and its dense forests inhabited by gorillas. Also, the endangered species of golden monkey have found their nirvana in this national park of Uganda as well. This was another reason why I was so tempted to visit the park.

    My guide informed me that along with its ecological role, the park also has a very potent cultural significance, particularly in the context of Batwa pygmies. The people of this tribe were the first one to tread upon these forest floors; and to this day their knowledge of the forest and its numerous secrets is unchallengeable.

    Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda has another very striking feature which pulled me towards it. It has three conical, dried up volcanoes which are a part of the Virunga mountain range in which this park is situated. Each of these volcanic mountains possess very rich ecosystems which are a beautiful addition to the gorgeous scenery of this park.

    I was informed that even though this park is the smallest park of Uganda, however it is amongst the most important ones, since it offers habitat to the endangered species of mountains gorillas. However, one group of these gorillas have been habituated to this park. My guide was of the Batwa tribe and I gleaned a lot of information and secrets about the park from him. In a nutshell, this trip was one of the most informative ones I had had throughout my stay in Uganda. And of course, getting a glimpse of the jungle’s beast was a treat in itself.

  2. Sammi Post author

    Lake Mburo National Park

    One of my favorite and also a very popular tourist spots in Uganda is the Lake Mburo National Park which is located along the country’s Western end. I was staying in the city of Mbarara when I visited this park. The distance between the park and city was approximately thirty kilometers.

    The most noteworthy feature of the park as my guide informed me was the layering of ancient metamorphic rock present underneath it. This metamorphic rock is almost 500 years old which makes it very ancient and precious. Lake Mburo National Park also houses a wide variety of bird species conjugated with many other animals such as buffalo, leopard, hyena, zebra etc.

    The park was of all the more attraction to me since lake Mubro along with other 13 lakes combined together to form Uganda’s wetland system. This system is of immense credence to the country as a whole and has had a major contribution in Uganda’s socio-economic context. This wetland system nearly 50kms long.

    My interest in Lake Mburo National Park prompted me to dig out its history and my guide was of immense service to me in this regard. I came to know that the park used to be an open savanna once, however by the time I went to visit it had become a woodland to a large extent.
    Some traces of Savanna still exist in its Western end. However there are some rocky ridges, strands of forest and bits of swamp etc. which intersperse this open savanna.

    I also mentioned formerly that the myriad of animal and bird species found there amazed me. It just further reiterated what my guide had told me already that Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda is a unique habitat. In fact, it is not only a unique habitat but it is also ca major ontributor in the country’s social and economic value.

  3. Taby

    Kidepo Valley National Park

    This park is located in the north eastern zone of Uganda. Ugandan Wildlife authority is responsible for managing this park. I was staying in Moroto when my tour guide took me for a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park. Moroto is approximately 220 km away from the park so it was a pretty long ride, yet the excitement of beholding this world renowned national park was what kept me going on. This park as the name itself suggests lies in a valley that borders both Sudan and Kenya. Since, it is pretty remote, therefore very few people take the trouble of going all the way to see it. I was among those few tourists who undertook this arduous journey, however the mesmerizing beauty of the park’s pristine wilderness was worth the effort.

    We were offered very comfortable bandas within the confines of the park by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. Comfortable beds, clean showers and mosquito netting is made available to the guests. Even though we were asked to bring our own food, however if necessary the staff was also willing to make food arrangements.

    On one hand, we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the wildlife authority of Uganda, and on the other hand the wild life and the multitude of bird species found there was a perfect treat for us. We were informed by the tour guides that almost 475 species of birds could be found there in this national park of Uganda. Moreover, its wild life is also pretty diverse. A total of 80 mammals is present there including 28 unique species which can only be found in Kidepo valley national park.

    Also, its reptile fauna is pretty diverse and rich as well. So for someone who is interested in wild life and witnessing nature in its full glory, Kidepo valley national park in Uganda is the best place to be.

  4. peanut Post author

    Entebbe Botanical Gardens

    One of the greatest highlights of my visit to Uganda was the leisurely stroll along the National Botanical Gardens located in Entebbe, Uganda. These expansive gardens, thick with rain forests are a treat for the eye. I came across a myriad of monkeys, squirrels and birds there. As a matter of fact, my guide informed me that approximately 115 species of birds could be found in these incredible botanical gardens of Entebbe, Uganda.

    These gardens which are present on the shores of Africa’s mightiest lake are one of Uganda’s most often visited tourist attractions. For one thing, they are easy accessible. It was a very short ride from the airport to the Entebbe gardens. Secondly, there is a multitude of both woodland and country species out there. I felt lost among them. They were just so beautiful and numerous and a couple of hours went by stealthily without me even noticing them.

    My guide also kept filling me in with the details of this national garden of Uganda. He informed me that orange weaver and the sun birds were the garden’s key birds. Undeniably they were a piece of art. He also informed me that this botanical garden of Uganda was noted for its patch of thick rain forest. This ruminate pocket of rain forest mesmerized me with the variety of nature present in it. I came across Vervet monkeys, Diederik cuckoos, African fish eagle, Angola swallow, wattle- eye etc. In fact there were hundreds of species, more than my eyes could take in. My birding binoculars which my guide had advised me to keep along with me came in really handy though.

    My visit to Entebbe Botanical Gardens in Uganda was the highlight of the trip for me. Being surrounded by such immense beauty and awe-inspiring nature lifted my spirits like nothing else. This is a place which I am sure to visit whenever I come to Uganda again.

  5. Paul Procter Post author

    Queen Elizabeth National Park

    This park is easily the most popular tourist attraction of Uganda. I was pretty excited to see the park since I had wanted to visit it all along. For me the most attractive feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park were its rich ecosystems which were very diverse in nature. Its thick and humid forests, its beautiful lakes, fertile and welcoming wetlands, enticing savanah, wide array of wild species, big game etc., were what pulled me and many any tourists like me irresistibly to this park.

    The park offered a beautiful panoramic view which filled me with awe and reverence at nature’s grandeur. Queen Elizabeth National Park has the famous Rwenzori Mountains at its back. One can behold incredible craters which have been miraculously carved by nature in the form of green hills. The park also offers spectacular view of the Kazinga water channel. What adds more beauty to this view is the sight of elephants, buffaloes and other forest inhabitants bathing along the water banks.

    Not only does it contain nature in its most scared and holy form, but it also claims a very rich cultural history to its name. My guide filled me in with this intriguing history and cultural folklore of this park, which only added spice to my excursion.

    Also, Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is a wonderful opportunity to meet the local communities of the area and get acquainted with the native culture. I got to see many dances and musical performances in the park by the Ganda natives. Along with these cultural interactions, I amused myself in this historical and natural park by cruises along the water channel, chimpanzee tracking and game viewing.

    If things were to be stated simply, I would say that my trip to Uganda would have been incomplete, had I not visited the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

    1. peanut Post author

      For Gorilla trekking I would recommend Bwindi national park. There are quite a few good Gorilla trekking companies that are based in Kampala but organize accommodation and tours directly from the forest. If your watching your budget then I would give Accommodation Bwindi cuckooland a try. It’s comfortable mid-range lodge in a spectacular setting, right on the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, with superb views overlooking the forest

  6. Daniel Dinsdale Post author

    Kasubi Tombs

    Another famous UNESCO world heritage site that I happened to come across in Uganda was the burial ground of four kinds of Buganda, popularly termed as the Kasubi Tombs. I was attracted to the place owing to the spiritual and political significance it held for the Ganda people. Not only was it a center of spirituality but it also was a picturesque embodiment of traditional architecture. My guide informed me that Kasubi tombs were so remarkable not just in Uganda but across the entire globe because they only deployed vegetal materials in their making.

    I was intrigued by the burial site of the four Kabakas. The main building of the tombs was circular in shape and supported a dome at its top. I was also impressed by the organic architectural design of the infra structure. It was mainly composed of duab, wattle, reed, thatch and wood. One could actually feel the vibes of spirituality, identity and belief emanating from the place.

    My visit to Kasubi tombs was also so invigorating because it was in complete contrast to everything that I had seen before. Even though I had very little exploration time, yet the history of the place seized my imagination and was a very enlightening experience for me.
    The unfortunate bit was hearing that the tombs had been subjected to an arson attack in March of 2010.

    The original cause of the fire is still being investigated, however after that incident, Kasubi tombs in Uganda were placed under the World Heritage Sites in Danger.
    I would recommend anyone who ever comes to Uganda to pay a visit to Kasubi tombs, since it is a wonderful way to be exposed to the Ugandan culture, history and lifestyle. At least, this is what this thatched roof building did for me.

  7. Jonas Teagle Post author

    Budongo Forest

    It took me a drive of 3 hours from Kampala to get to the Budongo forest. It falls on the way to Murchison Falls National Park. Budongo forest is renowned for its incredible Mahogany reserves. Bluntly put, it is the largest forest of Mahogany across the whole of East Africa. Moreover, it is also home to hundreds and thousands of Chimpanzees, being the largest habitat of Chimpanzees in Uganda.

    Budongo was a thrilling experience for me. It had two amazing tourism sites, each of which was immense fun. Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro are these two eco-tourism sites which are rich with iron wood and Mahogany trees. What thrilled me more than these eco-tourism sites was the chunk of remote landscape measuring up to approximately 115 kilometers. This isolated area was the home for lions, leopards as well as buffaloes.

    My favorite activities within the Budongo forest, Uganda were birding and chimpanzee tracking. This forest offers you the ideal platform for bird watching. Rather, it provides you with a guided tour for Bird watching. The forest offers you an incredible bird safari with its more than 360 species of birds. The forest was extremely rich and welcoming for me. I was informed that in addition to these bird species, it was home to 290 species of butterflies, 190 species of moths, 465 species of trees as well as 24 mammals.
    Along with bird safaris, the other most prominent attraction of the forest is its chimpanzee tracking experience. This experience was made all the more easy for me with the variety of accommodation options offered by the Ugandan Wildlife authority.

    These exciting accommodation lodges enabled me to enjoy chimpanzee trekking and also benefit from exciting forest walks. I used to set out early in the morning so that I could come across a number of these forest residents at their best. Budongo forest was truly one of the most memorable places I visited in Uganda.

  8. Ivan

    Murchison falls National game park.

    i had one of the best experiences ever, it was such an adventure! it took us 5hrs from Kampala and we spent 2 nights at Red chilies.

    We used a travel company called wonders of Uganda tours( and their services were great!

    Had a game drive through the park and even so a lion at a very close distance!!
    we saw a hyena, giraffes, buffaloes , elephants and many others.

    we had a boat cruise on the Albertine Nile and we could see animals in their wild, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants at the shores, and so many beautiful birds.

    I came to realize how beautiful and blessed Uganda is in terms of nature.
    You too can have fun! please visit Uganda and discover the hidden secrets!!

  9. Carl Post author

    Rwenzori Mountains National Park
    This national park is located in the Southwest of Uganda in the Rwenzori Mountains. This picturesque mountain park is a World Heritage site of UNESCO and was one of my very fond memories of Uganda. Looking back at this day when I accompanied my tour guide to Rwenzori Mountains, I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty I experienced there.

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    The multitude of waterfalls present all around, its numerous lakes and glaciers and the awe-inspiring plant life which this park can claim to its name is truly one of a kind. All these reasons are very much responsible for the boost in eco-tourism, directed towards Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda.

    Getting to Rwenzori mountains national park was pretty easy. It was my second destination in Uganda after Kampala, since the county’s capital serves as the park’s gateway. The park offered a number of entertainment adventures for its tourists. It offered camping, trekking and climbing; each conjugated with spectacular and picturesque views.

    My mountain climbing jaunt in Rwenzori Park is my most favorite memory of the place. I was supposed to stay overnight at Kasese town, at the mountain’s base, but the stay was totally worth it. The local cuisine flattered my appetite like nothing else. Most of the time I went alone for nature walks and along the way benefited from many cultural performances as well.

    When my guide was filling me in with the history and myths of this mountain range, I was particularly struck by its fabled name. I was informed that Rwenzoris are popularly called as the ‘mountains of the moon’. I was also informed that the park boasts many natural habitats for the world’s endangered species. It also has a very rich and flourishing flora. These facts combined with the untamed beauty of this region make this park one of Uganda’s, rather one of Africa’s most beautiful Alpine regions.

  10. Jakie Post author

    Murchison Falls National Park

    Albertine Rift Valley has Murchison Falls National Park located on its northern end. This park is also well known to be one of Uganda’s most ancient and biggest conservation areas. I was amongst one of the many international visitors who visit the park regularly. In fact, I felt like following the footsteps of Winston Churchill while I was cycling, hiking and boat cruising in the park. I was also informed that Ernest Hemingway had also spent a considerable amount of time in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

    It was a 5 hours ride to the Murchison Falls Park from Kampala by road. There was also a route to the park through the Budongo forest, but since I had plans of visiting the forest some other time so I chose not to opt for it. My stay in the park was truly memorable. There were lots of accommodation options available ranging from campsites to hotels, guest houses to lodges. I took a room in a guest house which was located right above the falls. The view was spectacular from there. Also, I was provided with a number of facilities which were eco-friendly.

    There are many attractions in the park to keep you entertained and never think of going back. For one, there is the miraculous water fall and the gushing waters of River Nile. Then there are hippos and crocodiles seen bathing in its waters or lounging along its banks. The riverbank wildlife is very rich and diverse and will definitely seize your attention if you are an animal lover.

    However, the most amazing part of Murchison Falls National Park is its boat cruise in the River Nile, the longest river of the world. A safari can be arranged by the River Nile which may include the Bungee jump as per your desire. I did not have enough time for the Safari but the Nile cruise was worth spending money on-totally exhilarating.

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